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Learn to dance at Latin Bar Salsa


Bachata is a captivating dance from the Dominican Republic, known for its sensual movements, rhythmic footwork, and close connection between partners. It's a perfect way to express yourself, connect intimately, and have a great time on the dance floor.


*Bachata: Every Tuesday, By Maru!

*Bachata Basic Level: Every Wednesday, By Claudio!

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バチャータはドミニカ共和国発祥の魅惑的なダンスで、官能的な動き、リズミカルなフットワーク、パートナー間の緊密なつながりで知られています。 自分自身を表現し、親密につながり、ダンスフロアで楽しい時間を過ごすのに最適な方法です。


バチャータ:毎週火曜日 マル先生

*初心者のためバチャータ: 毎週水曜日、Clau先生



Salsa is an energetic and vibrant dance originating from Latin America, celebrated for its lively movements, intricate footwork, and infectious rhythms. It's a fantastic way to let loose, connect with others, and experience the joy and passion of Latin music and culture.


Basic Salsa: Every Tuesday from 19:00 by Maru 

*Cuban Salsa: Every 3rd Saturday of the month by Choco!

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Kizomba is an enchanting and intimate dance style originating from Angola, celebrated for its smooth and sensual movements, close connection between partners, and melodic rhythms. It's a beautiful way to embrace the music, connect on a deeper level, and experience the sensual and romantic side of dance.


*Kizomba Night: Every 3rd Friday of the month event by Yuri Kuga

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